I am sure that you may have a few or even a lot of questions. Honestly, I get the same ones over and over again. To save your time and mine, I have tried to answer as many of them as I can below.  I would seriously appreciate it if you would read through all of these – it saves a lot of confusion later sometimes.

Are your photos really you and recent?

Absolutely!  When you meet me in person, you can see for yourself!  I try to have new and professional photos taken every 6 months in new outfits and in different locations.  And NO, I do not need you to help me take any more.  I have someone I trust and am comfortable with to take care of them for me when I need some more.

Will you travel out of town to me or with me?

Absolutely, however only with verified and established clients. Additionally, let it be clearly understood that you are also responsible for all my travel and lodging expenses, in addition to our time together. So the rates for this are obviously not clear cut, so you need to let me know the details of what you have in mind and I can provide numbers for you. You should also please give me plenty of lead time to plan my schedule to accomodate the trip.

Can you come to my place?

Yes, I am happy to come visit you at your place for our time together – if by “your place” you mean your house, condo, apartment or hotel (3 star or better please).  Like you, I value my privacy and safety.  So please take that into consideration when inviting me to your location.  In other words, if your spouse or girlfriend would not feel comfortable going in and out of your location – chances are that I would not either.

Do you accept Paypal or credit cards?

Simply put – NO! I have in the past and it has never worked out. There are just too many complications with Paypal and credit cards to go in to here. So please do not ask or worse yet show up and expect me to accept either one of those – you will be politely asked to leave. Please see my Consideration page for further details of what is expected.

Will you see couples or accomodate fetishes?

Under most circumstances, YES. However, you need to let me know in advance what you had in mind when you do your booking request. Additionally, I do NOT accept half hour appointments for these types of encounters and depending on what you are looking for, my standard rates will not necessarily apply. So PLEASE let me know in advance so I can determine how best to accommodate your request.

Are your rates negotiable?

No they are not.  I am a long time provider in the DFW area and you will find that my rates are quite reasonable for what you are getting from me compared to others.  While you can always find a cheaper deal somewhere, those experiences will most likely not leave you quite as satisfied as your time with me.

Are you “Newbie” Friendly?

No sorry. If you have no verifiable references and are not a member of any boards or services in good standing that can be used for verification, we are not going to meet each other. While I am sure you are a great person with good intentions – Do NOT ask, it is not going to happen.

If I only book a half hour, can I stay longer?

Well, I am sure we will have lots of fun together. Regardless, you are asking me to work FREE overtime. Do you do this???? So, I do have a personal life and other encounters scheduled all during the week. If you want to hang around to hang out with me, it is most likely going to ripple through the rest of my day and is generally a very bad idea. I am very supportive and respectful of your time and schedule and know you value it – please show me the same support and respect for my time. Please book the amount of time in advance that you are looking for. My schedule is my schedule, not yours honey. DEPENDING ON MY SCHEDULE, SOME TIME HALF HOUR APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE – CHECK MY CONSIDERATION PAGE. IF THEY ARE NOT LISTED – THEY ARE NOT AN OPTION!

Do you offer Quick Visits?

Yes, from time to time I do offer Quick Visits (QV) that are typically only 15 minutes and INCALL ONLY. You need to check my “Consideration” page to see if I am currently offering them. THESE ARE FOR REGULARS ONLY – NOT NEWBIES! For these, when you get to my place, please do not expect a lot of chit-chat as I know your time is valuable and since are in a rush, I am willing to accommodate you. All other Etiquette still applies. Keep in mind, to get the full “Devyn Experience”, a longer time next time would be a lot more fun!

How soon can we meet?

As soon as you complete my Booking Request Form in its entirety and I’m able to verify you. I do my best to reply to SERIOUS INQUIRES within a few hours (those who include ALL the screening information from the first inquiry submission) – those who don’t, I don’t.  Honestly, I am more motivated to respond to those that give me enough detail from the start.  If you have not heard back from me within a few hours (after you sent ALL the screening information), please send a follow-up email to

Can we meet on a date to see if we’re compatible?

Yes, absolutely! Coffee, the movies, a drink, dinner, my usual consideration and screening will STILL apply.  If you want affection for FREE, there’s always Tinder, eHarmony or – Where you get to meet the girl of your dreams absolutely free and without screening.  Good luck with that!

What services do you offer?

I am a person (you saw my pictures, right?), not a service.  If you can’t wrap your head around that concept, we are definetly not a match.

Why can’t you verify me?

Probably because you gave me lousy references who do not respond or could not confirm you. When you give me other provider references to see me, it is up to YOU to make sure they will provide those references to me, NOT MINE! I always do my due diligence, but if they do not respond (which over half do not), that is your problem, NOT MINE! Additionally, BEFORE we meet, we are going to talk on the phone to make sure we have a decent chemistry before going any further. This is my way of doing business for many years and is not going to change for you, so please work with me as best you can and I promise to do the same.

What if I arrive early or am running late for our encounter?

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early. If you are running early, please call, text or email to inquire about my ability to start our date earlier than planned.  Additionally, please let me know if you are running late as soon as possible. If I don’t hear from you within 15 minutes of our scheduled time, I will assume that you have canceled.  Likewise, if something happens to cause me to be late, I will provide you the same courtesy.

Do you provide references?

Yes, I do – I am happy to provide a reference as long as your last encounter with me was within the last 12 months.  No phone calls or text accepted. Please have your companion send her written request to and I will respond as soon as I can. All reference requests must include: 1) Gentleman’s name 2) Email address 3) Companions website, ad link and/or twitter link. Additionally, a request will also be honored.

Can I shower when I arrive and/or before I go?

Absolutely! At my private incall location I have all you will need to shower and freshen up with clean towels   If I’m traveling please feel free to use the shower in my room!  Likewise, if I come to your location, I would appreciate the same.

Your pictures do not show your face, can you send me your face picture?

I choose not to publicize my face because I value my privacy and discretion. Likewise, I will offer you the same level of privacy and discretion.  I do not think you will be disappointed.